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The Latest Episode of Trump’s Administration Falling Apart is Here And It Couldn’t be More Ridiculous

If you wanted more proof that US politics is the best new reality show, then here it is.

Credit: @JuliaDavisNews / Twitter

After the hilarious fiasco of Four Seasons Total Landscaping (which has even led to a petition to put the garden centre on the National Register of Historic Places), it seems the Trump Administration has not quite reached rock bottom yet. After being voted out of office earlier this month, Trump and his staff continue to behave erratically and irrationally: Trump recently fired the Director of Homeland Security for refusing to indulge the President’s baseless election conspiracy theories. 

Now America has been gifted with a scene which could be straight out of a poorly made comedy film: Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer and former Mayor of New York City, has been caught with hair dye streaming down his face as he gives a chaotic press conference attempting to call into question the validity of election results.

We aren’t sure which is more bizarre, the ridiculous claims Giuliani is making (about a Venezuelan company, Chavez, billionaire George Soros and an interesting concept of ‘truth’), or the disgusting hair dye-sweat cocktail which is dripping down his wrinkled face. We do know, however, that the reaction on social media is everything we need and more.

Maybe the President should start spending more money on his personal lawyer’s hair dye, and less money on his own fake wigs/fake tan/fake lawsuits against the Democratic part about ballots. Just a thought.

Whatever the next episode of this bizarre and hilarious descent into madness will be, we know we would love to be a fly on the wall of the Trump administration during this chaotic time!

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