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The Greatest Catch: Fisherman Discovers Rare Orange Pearl Worth £250,000

We’re just as shocked as you…

Credit: Pxhere

While many of us as children may have taken metal detectors to the beach to discover hidden treasure, and to our disappointment may have only found a single penny, one fisherman has discovered a rare pearl worth £250,000.

This lucky man, Hatachai Niyomdecha, aged 37, was picking up oyster shells on a beach with his family in the Si Thammarat province of Thailand, when he discovered a buoy which had mysteriously washed ashore.

The buoy was hiding a prize though, it had three shells attached to it, one which concealed a rare orange pearl.

The pearl weighed in at 7.68g and is comparable to being slightly bigger than a 10p coin. The day after Hatachai’s discovery, him and his family went to get the value checked. 

The pearl was revealed to be a ‘rare orange Melo pearl’ which are commonly found inside the shell of a large snail, making its appearance in the shell of an oyster odd. According to the Metro, they range from orange to tan to brown in colour- with orange being the most expensive.

Credit: Flickr/ Lucas Jans

Whether this was fated is also a question; a few days prior to his discovery, Hatachai, experienced a dream which according to LADBIBLE he describes:

“An old man in white with a long moustache told me to come to the beach so I can receive a gift. I think he led me to finding the pearl.”

Hatachai revealed how life changing this fortune will be for both him and his family:

“I want to sell the pearl for the highest price. The money won’t just change my life, it will change my destiny. My whole family will have better lives.”

A few different people have already presented their interest in purchasing the pearl, one being a wealthy businessman, another a luxury items collector. However, he declined these offers due to believing the precious pearl was worth more. 

Hatachi is currently negotiating with a buyer from China who has offered 10 million baht (£242,761), for the pearl and is set to travel to Thailand to ensure the authenticity of the Melo pearl before buying it for this fortune.

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