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The Coronavirus is Not the Only Worry in Wuhan

Wuhan suffers from more than just coronavirus.

Normally, this is the part of the article where I might tell an anecdote or joke about the article’s topic. This is not an article whose content I would feel horrible mocking. The coronavirus has not effected the lives of its victims, but the people who have to deal with their corpses. 

The bodies of those who have died from the outbreak was a factor I have never considered. The people in Wuhan, China, burn the corpses of the victims, since the Chinese government mandates this. The cremation is having a horrible effect on the environment and people involved. 


Image from Epoch Times | YouTube

The burning of the bodies is creating a thick layer of smog. This is already a problem in China, due to the air pollution, that is being made worse. You can see the smog in that building that has come from the crematorium. 

The affects of pollution includes problems like contamination of food and water. It can also cause cancer and diseases in people. This increase in smog might definitely cause more problems for these factors in the future. 

Working Conditons

Image from Aljazeera

The smog is not the only factor affecting the people of Wuhan. The people who are disposing of the bodies are facing horrible work conditions. 

Sick Chirpse has a quote from Mr. Yun, a worker at the crematorium and shares what the workers have to go through.  

“Every day, we need at least 100 body bags. We can’t stop because we can’t leave the bodies outside for a long time,” Yun said. ” For us who transfer the bodies, we don’t eat or drink for a long time in order to preserve the protective suit, because we need to take off the protective suit whenever we eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. The protective suit can’t be worn again after being used.” 

He ends his description of these working conditions with a heartbreaking statement. 

“We are on the verge of collapsing. We really need help,” Yun said. 

This is incredibly disturbing. For a country that claims to have the coronavirus under wraps, there still seems to be plenty of problems. I can only hope that things get better for workers like Mr. Yun and for China. 

Would you like to learn more about China’s efforts against the coronavirus? Click here to read about how they built a new hospital to accommodate victims. 

Image from Aljazeera

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