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Company Creates Mouthware That Allows Users to Control Devices With Their Tongue

Augmental Technologies Inc. creates the MouthPad^ for accessible technology for all.

MouthPad^ device developed by Augmental Tech. Credit: Augmental

As our world becomes more reliant on technology, creations emerge that push the boundaries of what we could ever envision a device capable of doing. 

Imagine being able to control devices with just the tip of your tongue. Even just ten years ago, this concept would’ve seemed otherworldly, but Augmental Technologies Inc. is doing just that with their MouthPad^.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the MouthPad^ is “the world’s first available hands-free touchpad.” 

This ground-breaking technology allows users to connect the MouthPad^ wirelessly to personal devices with Bluetooth to act as a cursor via the tongue. 

The tongue is a muscular organ that Augmental believes to have potential that has not been tapped into until now. 

Augmental views the tongue as “the 11th finger,” with simple movements in the tongue, breath, jaw and head working together to control the MouthPad^ that is positioned at the roof of the user’s mouth.

The tech of it all 

As with any technology that defies the imagination, one has to be curious about how such a device works. 

Up close look of the MouthPad^ technology. Credit: Augmental

In a mix of 3D printing, electronic encapsulation and dental-grade materials, the device is custom-made to each customer’s mouth for optimal comfort. A dental scan is done for each person in order to ensure this. 

Clear around the teeth, the true highlight of the MouthPad^ is the gold touch pad that works as a contact point for the tongue. 

Not only is it pressure sensitive, allowing one to use this high-tech retainer as a mouse for personal devices, but this slim 0.7 mm device is also voice-control compatible. 

It’s simple for all users, in a plug-and-play design that connects straight out of the box for five plus hours of continuous use with only two hours of charge time through the charging case required. 

It can connect to desktops, mobile devices and even sex toys, as addressed in the MouthPad’s trailer video for all sex-positive users.

The origin story 

Augmental Tech was co-founded by MIT alum Tomás Vega and Corten Singer. 

The company is an MIT media lab spin-off located in San Francisco, CA. The lab focuses on human augmentation technologies, as per their name. 

To put it simply, their goal is for accessibility when it comes to devices in order to overcome any limitations one might face as a user, especially for people with impaired hand control. The MouthPad^ works for people to live their lives more comfortably.

Product tester utilizes the MouthPad^ for gameplay. Credit: Augmental

The co-founders spoke on the need for evolved technology in a press release. “As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, and the world expands from the physical to the digital, it’s more important than ever to ensure that everyone has equal access to control inputs and new interfaces,” Vega said. 

Their mission statement continues to reflect their push for accessibility in the technology realm, saying,

“We believe people deserve universal digital access to the devices that have become so ingrained in our daily lives. That’s why we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of how we interact with technology by building intuitive products that empower everyone to unleash their creativity.”

The lab has been working on the MouthPad^ for nearly two years now as their primary project, with an official launch happening last April. For six months, users have been testing the product for their everyday technological needs, with great success, according to NBC News

Following their launch, the team won the grand prix for innovation at the 2023 Cannes Lions Award.

How can you get one? 

While many are eager to get their hands on the MouthPad^, according to the manufacturer, the device is not yet in its final design, with active development still underway along with a waitlist for prospective customers in the United States.

MouthPad^ charger box. Credit: Augmental

But those chosen from the waitlist will not only get to enjoy the MouthPad^, but also thorough assistance from the Augmental team in navigating the tech as part of the early access package. 

The current model is reported to be around $1,000, which is a hefty price but not a surprise for such high tech.  

While people have been focusing on AI and its detriments to society, at least we can find solace in inventions like this that work to pioneer accessibility for all when it comes to personal devices. 

Going hands-free will surely be our future, and this MouthPad^ may be at the forefront of the innovations. 

The MouthPad^ is set to be released to early-access customers this spring.

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Kaitlyn Mahan (she/her) is currently a freshman at Columbia College Chicago double majoring in creative writing and journalism. She predominantly focuses on prominent news coverage both nation and world wide and hopes to pursue a career in news publication writing.

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