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The Streets of Tomorrow Will Blow Your Mind

They’re going to look totally different.

Credit: HIG Traffic Systems

This is a great idea and should definitely make it’s way over to New York City. I mean think about it, when you text you are always looking down, so this will get your attention. With these new crosswalk signals the ground is lit up, so the modern day phone user can notice it, while they are looking down at their phone.

These are a trial run, but hopefully they are successful. In the UK someone is hit by car every eight minutes and this design will help prevent that. I think the idea of lighting up the ground is a fantastic way to get the attention of the younger generation. The lights are color coded just like the traffic signals we have now. Green is go and red is stop.

Credit: HIG Traffic Systems

But wait there’s more! Phone booths are now becoming more and more up to date. Instead of having these broken dial tone phones, now they will be charging stations. I have already seen these around a lot of campuses on Long island and all over New York City. These phone booths also, include free calls and free WiFi! Welcome to the 21st century phone booths.

Credit: BT

Technology is great and all, but the whole not paying attention to the world around you is certainly a huge downfall. Here’s how an illustrator captured in his pictures, how technology is slowly taking over our lives.

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