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Inside Apple’s Insane $5 Billion Headquarters

Even though he’s passed, Steve Jobs is still in the Apple world.

Credit: Simply Tech/YouTube

Whether you are an Apple fan or not, it’s undeniable the way the company has changed the world of technology and still continues to do so. Steve Jobs’ vision and hard work have turned into something he probably never truly envisioned. The iPhone changed cell phones, iOS software brought competition to PCs, and the innovations continue. Now Apple has a new headquarters, it came with a hefty price tag and tons of features, just like their phones.

Taking 8 years to build, 5 years focused on the construction alone, and the $5 billion price tag, it had better be fully loaded and worth all of the hype. Even before seeing the video, it can be assumed that Apple will deliver on that and then some.

Let’s Dive In

Credit: Simply Tech/YouTube
Credit: Simply Tech/YouTube

One of the most interesting features is how much time and care was dedicated to the park in the middle of the campus. The groves of fruit trees, the outdoor stage, the trails. Apple really wants its employees to take breaks and be able to unplug from their jobs. Now, whether the environment there is really allowing for this is up for debate. The yoga and wellness center is also nice and a great way to unwind from work. But there are rumors that Apple really added these features to make it easier for employees to stay on-site and work more, making it easier to have some space to relax but to stay at work for longer. Hopefully, this is all made with the best intentions but it is unknown.

Apple is constantly growing and taking the company to the next level. What new products will they come up with next?

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