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Elon Musk Just Released a Demo For Brain Chip Implants in Humans

Elon Musk introduces demo for Neuralink brain device.

Credit: Youtube/Neuralink

You can now see a live video presentation by Elon Musk about the Neuralink brain chip that has been in the works. Just by reading the word ‘brain’, I’m feeling a little sick.

The brain-machine interface was previously revealed to bring life-changing benefits to one’s individual needs as well as having the ability to play music. Moreover, Neuralink has received more than $158 million to make this project possible.

On Tuesday, the entrepreneur retweeted a video confirming an update about the brain chip would be coming later in the week. This is news coming sooner than expected for many.

The Neuralink founder, Elon Musk has a goal of connecting humans and computers with the brain-machine interface. Though this device sounds unreal, it can help many enhance their abilities and reasoning.

In the live video presentation, a visual of the model is shown as well as how it works. The brain chip is shown to be a small implant laying on the brain. Elon musk also shares the device to be implanted in pigs showing us exactly how the device works.

The device has also been tested on humans and looks to be giving rewarding results. Many individuals are excited to help those suffering from common challenges such as anxiety and depression.

With this life-changing device, Elon Musk says there is still a lot of work to be done. Therefore, we look forward to the coming updates. Hopefully, the pigs testing the implant stay ‘happy’ as the founder for Neuralink kept saying.

Would you get this implant in your brain? If you want to know more about the brain chip then see Elon Musk talks about brain implants with Joe Rogan.

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