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Are Cockroaches The New 19th Century Housewife?

Japanese scientists belonging to ‘The Digital Nature Group’ have developed a technology which enables cockroaches to be used as household helpers

Credit: Digital Nature Group

Technology is rapidly taking over the way we do things. But now, it seems, we are using it to jump from one form of oppression to another. Instead of oppressing women or slaves to do work around the home, the 21st century has asked: why not cockroaches? 

Research has been extensively carried out which enabled Japanese scientists, belonging to The Digital Nature Company, to work out quite how to manipulate this insect. They are stimulating the roach’s nerves in order to carry out simple, day to day tasks. Combined, their strength and ability to work together enables them to push objects around. Et Voila, the household chores are done. 

Credit: Digital Nature Group/ YouTube

But, there’s one key thing to remember here. After the task is done, it is integral that they go to a dark area and refuel. This reads as though from an instruction manual. *Please ensure you plug it back in to charge it up, for maximum usage.*

In more humanistic terms, though, it reads somewhat like an 18th century slave narrative. From Uncle Tom’s Cabin, for example, reads: ‘I hold to being kind to servants – I always am; but you must make ’em know their place.’ In other words, they must return to the dark after seeing the light, in order for them to know where they stand in hierarchy. 

Is this not just another form of abuse, but now to the animal kingdom rather than our own fellow humans? Can we not use technology for discovering more about the universe, rather than to selfishly limit it to improving the lives of the human race?

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