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Tattoo Artist Catches Teenage Stealing And Becomes ‘Law Enforcer’

Judge, jury and executioner?

Credit: Reddit / YoSoyUnPayaso

When someone breaks the law, we hope that the punishment fits the crime. However, the enforcement of rules and regulations are not always carried out by those who are employed too do so; and that is most certainly the case in Brazil.

Tattoo artist Maycon Wesley and his associate Ronildo Moreira de Araujo felt they were worthy enough to dish out their own form of justice when they caught a teenage boy who allegedly stole a bike from a one-legged man. The footage below shows the young lad being held down and inked for his potential troubles, with the words, translated from Portuguse to English roughly as ‘I am a thief’.

Now, if the boy did in fact take the bike, then he should be charged, no doubt about that. But by the correct authorities with a penalty that is worthy of the offence. Wesley and Araujo do not own the right to take the law into their own hands. They should have taken the boy to the nearest police station and they could have taken the case from there.

But to tattoo someone against their will is nothing short of criminal. Even with clear cut evidence of the bicycle incident, they still do not possess the power to carry out which ever punishment they ‘deem’ fit. The two men have apparently been charged with torturing the teenager, who has not been seen since, despite Wesley and Araujo saying he was released after the inking. Hopefully the boy is found and this can be resolved appropriately as the story unfolds.

In other Brazilian news; madness on the streets.

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