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Young Japanese Skateboarder Is Making Movies And Shredding Temples

It doesn’t get more epic than this.

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When you think of epic, record-breaking skateboarders, usually a little tween from Japan wouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind. Well, Isamu Yamamoto, barely a teenager, is already in the pro leagues, and he’s gaining a lot of attention.

Isamu has been skateboarding for six years, starting from when he was only eight. In 2014, he entered into his first skateboarding competition “World Freestyle Round-Up” and won first place in the amateur division. Over the course of three years, he’s won several other competitions, enough to earn him the official status as a pro. After achieving this status, he scooped up the attention of filmmaker Brett Novak.

Brett Novak is, according to his website, a “self-proclaimed ‘Filmer, Skater, and Hopeful Creator'”. Novak specializes in filming young skateboarding talent, just like Isamu. Because of Isamu’s innate ability to flow with his skateboard as if it were an extension of his own body, Novak decided to put together a mini skateboarding film, which not only showcases Isamu’s flawless tricks but also Novak’s originative aesthetic. Check out his artsy movie here:

Isamu has since been competing in more competitions and even doing TV interviews. His parents are very supportive of his talent and follow him around the world to wherever his skateboard takes him.

“Japan is a very beautiful place and…is also very green, it rains a lot, so on those rainy days when I can’t skateboard, I love to draw cartoons and graphics on my skate decks. My mom says that my creative interests in art have a synergistic effect on my freestyle skateboarding.” – Isamu Yamamoto

Watching Isamu shred up Japan’s temples on his skateboard is hardcore, and if you’re a hardcore junkie, this next article about the Most Violent Portuguese Football Team is just what you need to get your fix.

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