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WATCH: Surfer Intel For Amazing Right Point Waves

Not the best kept secret.


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Surfers Diogo D’Orey and Antonio Silva received some information on an amazing wave. They filmed their whole experience. The result is breath-taking, but not everyone is thrilled by it.

These guys got some intel from a friend that the perfect right point to surf was about to happen. The video never explicitly says where the two surfers are heading. They draw comparisons to Mike Fanning’s surf from recently. Diogo states that he does not think it is the same wave. Others remain unconvinced.

In the comments of the video, many people have pointed out how easy it is to work out where they are. From the constant drone shots to the words written on a bus window. Also, how long it took them to drive to the beach. The main consensus is that these spots are meant to be secret and not exploited.

Surfing culture means that people explore for the best waves. The beaches that are secluded and have less tourist trade are the best. However, by showing this spot in a YouTube video, people have called out that in a few years, someone will try to cash in on these waves.

Should the sharing of waves on social media be embraced?

The footage is amazing. The colour of the waves and the sand is unique and mesmerizing. The surfers have the time of their lives. Through this video we see the surfing community stepping into the world of social media. In our day and age, it is easier than ever for people to hunt for waves.

Whether the video is controversial or not, it truly is amazing film work. Surfing is a sport that is fascinating. How will others learn if not through videos like this?

Need more videos of amazing waves? Watch here!

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