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WATCH: The Lost Surfing Crew Tackle The Best Man Made Waves

The future of surfing, 1000 waves generated an hour.

The famous Lost Surfboards Crew have been filmed tearing up manmade waves in Northern Spain. The team went to the full-sized Wavegarden facility in Spain to try “the best wave creation systems possible… with ideal and safe conditions”.

Lost is a surfboard crew started by Matt Biolos when he started to shape surfboards to accommodate himself. The boards he was making were ‘user-friendly’, but also ‘high performance’ making them great for different people of different shapes and sizes who wanted to get into surfing.

The latest that the crew has been getting up to is going to Wavegarden in Basque Country, Spain. Wavegarden is made up of manmade caves and lagoons that pump waves suitable for both experts and beginners. As seen by the video, younger people can too enjoy this safer surfing environment. Their website claims that their technology can pump out up to 1000 waves an hour that mimic the ocean and can be any height or length.

If you’re thinking “I have to try this surfing!”

Wavegarden has three locations, one in Northern Spain, one in Wales, and one in Austin, Texas. Therefore, pick your nearest one and get surfing!

From the safest surfing to the craziest, watch this guy surf without a surfboard!

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