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WATCH: Learn The Dangerous History of Snowboarding

One of the best highlights compilations put together.

This new video highlights that Snowboarding is more than just a sport. 

Have you ever wanted to give snowboarding a try? Perhaps you’re waiting to be inspired? Well, you will be after you’ve watched the following video!

It follows competitive snowboarders as they describe the thrills and spills of the sport. From injuries to beautiful landscapes, this is an ‘access all areas’ film guaranteed to make you fall in love with the snow.

Even the filming itself has become an artistic choice!

Most snowboarding is filmed in Backcountry, open areas of snow away from the hustle and bustle of resorts. These viral sensations have created many ‘video stars’ and revolutionised the way we film the sport today.

Of course, the excitement of any sport is followed quickly by a huge, ‘but‘.

As the video states:

Injuries are the unavoidable downside of being on the cutting edge of any sport and that counts double for snowboarding.  

Snow doesn’t just create a winter wonderland! It also makes for a slippery surface, and a cold, harsh landing upon impact.

Nothing makes this clearer than the young snowboarder featured here:


Or, are you never going to stepping on the snow again?

Let us know your thoughts!

From snowboarding to skiing, let this taste your appetite for winter!

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