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WATCH: Extreme Winter Sports From The X Games In This Edit

Winter sports taken to the extreme!

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Snow-capped mountains, extreme winter sports, and women in bikinis… Wait, one of those isn’t like the others, but they all feature in this edit of the X Games by Monster.

Dirt Shark and Monster Energy teamed up to give an exclusive look at the best of the X Games. The games took place in Aspen, Colorado and the video shows us the most beautiful backdrop for this action-packed event.

Watch the impressive extreme sporting here:

I don’t know how these people get the courage to do some of the tricks shown in the video. To be suspended in the air, only holding on to the handlebars of your snow bike, wow that must be scary!

We also get to see some guys drooling over the girls in swimwear, who get on to a bus just in the bikinis and emerge wearing tight snowsuits. Not really sure what the relevance is, and it undermined the impressive feats of the women in the competition.

However, the stunts we see are massively impressive. For most events we get to see the top three contestants. Furthermore, we get crashes and injuries, which seem to be inevitable with these dangerous extreme sports.

Why not check out Lamborghini snowboarding? We promise it’s a real thing!

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