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WATCH: Extreme Kayaking – These Two Are Crazy!

This looks insane!

YouTube/Viral Hog

Everyone remembers what they were doing on the 15th April 2018… well, at least these two do.

On that day, in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Ryan McAvoy and Michael Ferraro kayaked over the High Falls. The footage taken by the pair is insane. The men do it for the sheer love of the thrill. They do not get paid for their kayaking, so all they do is just out of pure passion.

Credit: Viral Hog

The footage is magnificent as the water rapidly descends, the kayak flies down with it. There is a moment that you hold your breath as boat bounces as it hits the water and rocks at the bottom. But the crazy screams and cheers of having beat the Falls overtake that moment.

Would you ever attempt something as crazy as this?

This video just shows pure enjoyment for the hobbies people have. The adrenaline rush must be unforgettable.

How about something less extreme? Like the world’s longest zip line!

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