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WATCH: Adrenaline Junkie Tackle World’s Biggest Waves Without A Surfboard

It’s like surfing… just without the surfboard???

Credit: YouTube/Red Bull Surfing

As if surfing wasn’t hard enough Brazillian bodysurfing madman, Kalani Lattanzi, is renown in the surfing world for tackling the world’s biggest waves with just a pair of swim fins.

At just 23 years old, Kalani Lattanzi has taken the ancient sport of bodysurfing into the 21st Century, applying it to some of the biggest and heaviest waves on the planet. 

Lattanzi has surfed his way through the ‘big-wave world’ from Hawaii, to Brazil and is currently intending to tackle the waves in Nazaré, Portugal.

See the daredevil in action below: 

To keep up to date with this action junkie’s life, follow him on Instagram: kalanilattanzi, or like him on Facebook. 

Safe to say this is definitely not one for the light hearted. 

Not had enough of action packed adrenaline junkies for one day? Check out the article below for another surfer who likes to push the limits of human endurance… 

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