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VIDEO: Tennis Player Brings Down Umpire With Cheap Shot

He done goofed up!

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A young tennis player, Denis Shapovalov, should have listened to the wise words of Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility.” However this whippersnapper lost a point and promptly smashed a tennis ball into the umpire’s eye. He officially done goofed and was fined $7000 for his outburst. The fine would have been a maximum of $12,000 but he apologized afterwards.

So much anger, so much rage, and it was all directed at the poor umpire. Nestled within his towering green chair, this guy never saw it coming. Shapovalov’s outrage disqualified him and gave the victory to Great Britain. Luckily the umpire, Arnaud Gabas, suffered no serious injuries except for a black eye and swelling.

Umpire. Tennis. Credits: Shock Mansion.
Umpire looking a little rough. Image Via

Black eyes build character and the Davis Cup will go on. And maybe the umpire will strike back during the quarter-finals between Britain and France in April.

Lastly, check out another aggressive fella who wants to punch Donald Trump in the face.

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