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VIDEO: Billy Perry Risks Trespassing Charges to do Insane Stunts in Water Park

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Youtube famous BMX rider Billy Perry has stepped up the stunt game recently by breaking into Splish Splash water park for a not-so-casual bike ride. As you do…

For many people, riding your bike in an empty water park might sound like a dream come true. Or a death trap. A dreamy death trap?

Anyway, the point is that Billy Perry has just uploaded one of the most risky and interesting videos on Youtube. And it’s got us on the edge of our seats.

Perry broke into the water park with a few of his friends at 6am – yep, 6AM – on thanksgiving. While most people were either asleep or contemplating turkey, Perry and his friends were climbing barbed wire fences. They rode around and performed some seriously impressive stunts. That is, until they got busted by security.

And they’re in even more trouble since their video went viral.

Well, at least the session wasn’t boring. You have to give them that.

Watch the madness for yourself:

What is it with all these crazy stunts lately?

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