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UFC Champion Conor McGregor Parties For 3 Days Crashing Houses in Liverpool

This place got trashed.

This place got trashed.
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When you go hard, you go hard- the UFC legend is living in the lap of luxury with his grand entrance to the Grand National in a Rolls Royce. Then fighter decides to relax and kick a few back for a party marathon for three days. His outfit as devilishly handsome as himself spent a lot of time in the suburbs of  Liverpool- living it up! This Irishman really knows how to live the good life; with a smile as broad as his biceps.

The Paddy Power twitter states, “Just in case you missed Conor McGregor arriving at the Grand National today, wearing silver shoes, an open shirt and flipped open sunglasses”.

Unilad reports “But let us start at the beginning. In the aftermath of One For Arthur storming through the finish line in first place, McGregor made his way to Mansion in Liverpool city center where he blew the roof off, according to the Liverpool Echo. But it didn’t stop there. No, McGregor stormed into round two on Sunday by making an appearance at Empire before he apparently made some friends and ended up at a house party in Huyton.”

Sounds like an extreme lifestyle for a fittingly extreme man; his body can take all the partying after all it takes a lot of UFC punches and kicks! This isn’t his first rodeo with after parties, this video shows him with his own party anthem.

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