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You Thought Roller Blading Was Dead? Think Again!

Fast blader over takes motorbikes on streets.

Who knew roller blading could be so extreme? This guy takes roller blading to the next level and smashes out some pretty impressive but risky manouvres.

We all have some pretty fond memories of roller blading from our youths. Blading around our roads and falling over a fair few times, those crazy roller discos where you’d slide on over to your crush and impress them with your slick moves.

Well fear not, for roller blading is not dead. This guy is bringing blading back, and he’s bringing it back with style. We can all be thankful for a little sprinkle of 90’s groove on the abysmal excuse of a year that has been 2017.

Watch this guy swerve between cars at an immense speed, dodging anything that comes his way. Rocking his bright yellow roller blades, he glides through the morning traffic of Buenos Aires as if it’s nothing. A lot of comments on the video correctly point out that the true hero is actually the cameraman- how TF is he managing to catch all of this so well?!

It’s pretty hard to watch the whole thing and not feel some pretty severe anxiety on his behalf… but he pulls it off! He obviously has some mad skill and spots things well in advance to be able to dodge pretty much every car and potential obstacle. Pretty stupid and dangerous if you ask me, but impressive nonetheless.

If you liked that, read HERE about this adrenaline junkie who bravely scaled The Shard in London- INSANE!

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