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The Russian Football Bear Should Be In The Wild, Animal Rights Agree.

Russians crazy idea of having a wild animal preform in a football game.

Image Via: The Sun

Animal Rights Groups called  “shocking and inhumane” to a video released in the internet after a third-tier game between Mashuk-KMV and Angusht in Pyatigorsk.

Furthermore, there were unconfirmed reports that this bear could preform for the World Cup from 14 June.

However, Fifa has declined this claims, so the bear is not training to entertain tourists any time soon.

Now, the bear was indeed in the game between Mashuk-KMV and Angusht in Pytiagorsk, as you can see in the video below:

А говорят в ПФЛ скучно

— Второй Дивизион (@2liga__) April 15, 2018

Expectedly, animal organisations as PETA and FOUR PAWS have approached this video with concern.

“In addition to being inhumane and utterly out of touch, using a bear as a captive servant to deliver a football is downright dangerous,” Elisa Allen, director of animal welfare charity Peta, told the BBC. “The bear is the symbol of Russia, so we hope the country’s people will show some compassion and national pride and stop abusing them. Common decency should compel the league to pull this stunt.”

“While some supposedly find this depressing scene ‘entertaining’ there is nothing at all light-hearted about this kind of abuse,” Brian da Cal, country director of Four Paws UK, added.

Also, FOUR PAWS approached this through their twitter account.

Shocking! Bears are wild animals and have very specific complex needs. This kind of exploitation causes untold stress and will undoubtedly lead to long term psychological and physical issues for the animals involved.

— FOUR PAWS UK (@FourPawsUK) April 17, 2018

Bears are animals that belong in the wild, and should not be entertaining people.

Finally, hopefully animal exploitation will be soon banned from happening everywhere and this bear we watched today, will be freed.

If you’re interested in knowing more how people are taking care of animals check here.

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