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Snowboard Sensation Film Coming Your Way With Pirate Movie Productions ‘As The Crow Flies’

Must see this winter.

Credit: Red Bull

We all love a good snow-boarding themed, adrenaline-inducing, nail-biting film don’t we? If you’re sat there nodding furiously, then you may just be in luck. Your dream film could be on screens very soon.

Top snowboarding sensations, Elias Elhardt, Gigi Ruff, Kazu Kokubo and Toni Kerkela are planning a breathtakingly cool new idea.  Their journey is happening now. Travelling all over the globe, they’ve been on the hunt for the world’s best snow trail. Considering factors such as the best snow, the most vicious track and the most beautiful and unusual features.

The best part of it all is that we can all be apart of the experience! From Italy to Alaska, there’s plenty of stunning places they visited. Providing you with gorgeous views and heart-pumping boarding skills.

Pirate movie productions are describing it as potentially a very risky business. Though, where’s the fun without a little gamble here and there. As there is only two main snowboarders in the film, it was difficult to get a lot of footage. They are typically used to only needing to be filmed for three-five minutes for video parts, so thirty minutes was a huge step up. Luckily though, both Elias and Gigi are very relaxed and experienced guys, willing to take on any challenge that comes their way.

The filming was a huge success. Not only did they manage to capture some stunning clips, the guys described their journey as ‘very special.’ With them getting to visit some magical countries, trying new skills and having memories for life, their time is something they are not going to forget in a hurry. Fingers crossed we will be able to enjoy these phenomenom for ourselves.

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