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These Ski Tricks Are So Dangerous That I Was Shaking Violently For The Whole Video


I started watching this thinking I’d see the stuff anybody can do after a couple days on the Bunny Hill. What I saw instead shook me down to my fucking core.

Legs of Steel, a group of death-defying skiers and alpine sports professionals, have just dropped this breathtaking first look at their upcoming film, Same Difference. Check out what I’m talking about below:

Yeah, that’s right. You just essentially watched a human being fly off a cliff face then land on their feet no problem. This isn’t just an amazing ski video. It’s an unbelievable affront to Fate wherein these athletes give death the middle finger.

Snow sports have always amazed me. When you grow up in Alabama, the idea that snow even exists is a bit of a shocker.

In school they teach us that snow is a curse from above that leaves the ground ruined and frozen, and that if we ever encounter snow, we’re supposed to say, “There is snow,” and then run as quickly as possible in the other direction. So you can understand how amazing it is that these guys not only stand their ground but effectively humiliate the mountain by cascading down the sides.

Photo Credit: Legs of Steel, Red Bull

I identified numerous tricks in this video I’d like to share with you now.

1. The Big Yowza – In this trick, the skier does a backflip while regretting his choice of mittens.
2. The Bojack Horseman – Here, the skier simply falls off the mountain while blaming his or her mother.
3. The Mister Silly – In every single jump in this video, the skiers are making wacky faces at the camera, but we can’t see them because of the, uh, the altitude.

I hope never to see anything as terrifying as snow, but if I do, I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to spy one of these flippy bois doing their thing, gracefully sliding down the mountain.

But until then, I’ll be waiting for Same Difference.

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