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Russian Ultras Take Shots With England Fans And Return Stolen Flags!

Russian ultras buy England fans shots!

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Russian Ultras get lit with England fans!?

During the World Cup 2016, two England supporters were seriously injured in Marseille after violent clashes with other team fans. This happened before and after England’s opening match with Russia.

Not only was one of the men left in critical condition, and the other seriously injured, there were also 31 other fans that suffered injuries due to the violence, according to The Guardian. This in turn, worried many fans for the upcoming tournament, when another match would take place against Russia.

To Matt Bayberry, these worries would turn out to be for nothing. When Matt and friends encountered a group of Russian fans, before England’s game, he couldn’t help but feel very uneasy.

To their surprise, these group of fans shook their hands and bought them drinks.

Matt spoke on what happened: 

“We met some Volgograd Ultras and they were returning flags stolen in Marseille. They wanted no trouble. They got us drinks and treated us all night. We met and drank with six of the group from Marseille. They were desperate to return stolen flags and shake everyone’s hand to thank them for Russia. They said everyone that visits is a guest and shall be treated like one, no matter what has happened before.

When we went to the bar they got up, shook hands with us and told us to feel at home. They asked if there are any fans of Sunderland among us.They were looking for them because they wanted to give them a flag taken in France with the emblem of `Sunderland’.

We shared with the Russian contacts and it seems that the flag was returned.We drank a lot of alcohol, a few dozen shots with vodka, and the fans themselves treated us.None of us expected that they would be so hospitable and friendly.’Everywhere I met friendly people – at the airport, and the hotel, and on the streets. I will bring friends and family to Russia.”

It’s amazing how much can change with time. Russian fans will definitely get a better reputation among other fans during these events if they keep it up. In fact, there hasn’t been any of the horrific violent clashes that occurred in 2016. The only troubles fans have witnessed have been England fans fighting amongst themselves. What a turn of events!

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