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London Skyscraper Will Have Giant Glass Climbing Wall

It’s 400 feet off the ground and right up against a window!

Photo: PLP Architecture

A new skyscraper known as 22 Bishopsgate will tower 59 stories over the London metropolis in 2019. It will be among the first to follow WELL, a new building standard focused on enhancing physical and mental health. To forward this progressive ideal for a business building, it will feature many amenities for lowering stress and improving life. Among them are art on every wall, libraries, meditation areas … and one of the world’s craziest climbing walls.

What Makes This Climbing Wall So Crazy?

Before I go on, it should be noted that this isn’t just some big rock wall propped up in the middle of a room. The pegs on which people grab, stand, and climb are fixed onto a window. That’s right: a clear pane of glass, with a view of London – from what will be the city’s second-tallest building. Climbing walls are nerve-wracking enough for many people, but with this one, “not looking down” will be next to impossible.

Speaking of heights: the tallest freestanding rock climbing wall in the world is Excalibur, from the Kilmcentrum Bjoeks in The Netherlands. It measures 121 feet from ground to top. However, Basecamp, located in Reno, Nevada, gives people the opportunity to scale the Whitney Park Hotel’s wall. Climbers start on the building’s second floor – meaning it’s not freestanding – and can get up to 164 feet above the ground. That’s about the height of the Arc de Triomphe.

Konbini reports that this wall will be 125 meters off the ground. That’s more than 400 feet. If Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty were placed next to 22 Bishopsgate, climbers could look down at the clock tower’s point and the statue’s torch.

Sign of a Trend?

This is an indication of the growing popularity of climbing walls in recent years. New gyms are springing up around the world, with 37 opening in the United States in 2015 alone. Most notably, the International Olympic Committee approved of the sport’s inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. More people are savoring the thrill of scaling heights, whether they’re 20 feet off the ground or 400 feet. However, if this helps the building meet WELL standards, more people are also be using this activity to find peace.

This article’s about people climbing the future second-tallest building in the United Kingdom. Here’s one about even more daring people climbing the current one – and not a rock wall, either!

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