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Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals Seize Early Lead Against Buffalo Bills

Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals seize an early lead against the Buffalo Bills with consecutive touchdowns from tight ends in an NFL showdown.


Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback, had a great beginning in their much-awaited game against the Buffalo Bills. He scored on their first two offensive possessions. 

In Cincinnati’s game against Buffalo, the Bengals showed their skill by scoring two touchdowns in a row. 

The Bengals had a formidable offense in a highly early lead game at Paycor Stadium. They ended the first half with a 21-7 lead.

Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengal performance

The Bengals wasted no time as they took the field, with quarterback Joe Burrow orchestrating a masterful opening drive. Tight end Irv Smith Jr. played a pivotal role, catching a 7-yard touchdown catch pass from Burrow to set the tone for the evening. 

Smith’s touchdown marked his first of the season, capping an 11-yard reception that put the Bengals in a goal-to-go situation. This early touchdown drive sent shockwaves through the stadium, leaving fans in awe.

But the explosive start didn’t end there. Joe Mixon scored a touchdown for the Bengals, putting them ahead 14-7 with only 35 seconds left in the first quarter.

Cincinnati Bengals often score on their first drives, which is a defining trait of their recent games. They persist in strengthening their reputation as a potent offensive power.

Cincinnati Bengals Tight Ends 

The Bengals’ tight ends played a starring role in the early success of the team. Irv Smith Jr., who had a hamstring injury and few catches before, returned strongly. Smith’s touchdown catch was a pivotal moment in the game, showcasing his importance in the passing game.

Tight end Drew Sample also joined the party, turning a check-down pass from Burrow into a spectacular 22-yard touchdown pass. The performance was remarkable.

It helped the Bengals gain a first down. It also increased their lead to 21-7. This happened before the first half ended.

Cincinnati Bengals impressive opening drive streak 

Cincinnati’s early success has not been an isolated incident. 

The Bengals have scored a touchdown on their first drive in four consecutive games. This streak is the longest in NFL history this season. 

The team consistently makes game-changing plays at the beginning of games. This sets the tone for the rest of the match.

Irv Smith Jr. was one of many Bengals tight ends to shine; Drew Sample made a significant impact as well. He caught a pass from Joe Burrow. He scored a 22-yard touchdown.

The score became 21-7 for the Bengals. This happened with 1:37 remaining in the first half. 

This marked Sample’s second career touchdown, with his first coming in a 2020 game against Houston. The Bengals’ tight ends played well and helped the team take a substantial lead. This sets up an exciting game between two skilled teams.

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