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Farmers From The Netherlands Used This Pole Vaulting Technique To Cross Canals, Now It’s A Sport!

They call it Fierljeppen!

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“Fierjeppen” is the sport with a long history. Farmers would suffer broken arms and legs attempting to cross the canals using a long pole. Now people try it for fun! This intriguing launch over water has captured the hearts of people all over the world. 

The way of the game is simple: “It involves a pole, 8-13 metres long, with a flat plate at the bottom. Jumpers sprint to the pole, grab it, climb to the top while trying to control its movement, and try to land on the bed of sand across the water. If they don’t think they’ll make it, they bail into the water“. These days the rods are made of the best quality material, back then it was patch something together and pray it works.

This might not sound extreme but with a pole 13 meters long a lot can go wrong. The upper and lower body strength needed for this sport is astounding. It draws crowds of hundreds of people each year; who wouldn’t want to see someone pole vault over water?

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