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Diego Maradona Is The Latest Footballer To Have A Horrendous Memorial Statue Made

It might even be worse than Ronaldo’s.

Andrew Makedonski/Shutterstock

Legendary footballer, Diego Maradona, is honored with a statue, it’s just a shame it looks more like Susan Boyle. 

The curse of bad statues continues with Diego Maradona. Presented with the statue in India Maradona seemed happy. And it’s reminding people of Ronaldo’s notably bad bust from earlier this year.

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Professional Argentine footballer Maradona is a household name. Those who know anything about football know this man. Starting his professional career just before his sixteenth birthday he subsequently took the sport by storm. If anyone deserves a statue to commemorate a career chasing a ball it’s him. Shame it looks like a 60-year-old woman.

Take a look at this:

Not what you expected? Us neither. Maradona probably had a shock too.

Likened to the bust of Ronaldo, the statue is unacceptable. The bust caused uproar and was re-done in a much better way. Unfortunately, that may be a bit hard, after all it is 12feet tall. A misrepresentation at it’s best.

The statue is circling the internet and consequently, opinions are being aired from all corners. Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s Twitter retweeted the picture saying it looks more like their protagonist. Other likenesses have been made to Susan Boyle and a young Larry Bird.

Whilst the shock settled in, Maradona remained humble as ever. ‘I am not a god of a footballer,’ he said at the event, ‘But a simple footballer.’ The footballer then continued in the most appropriate celebration, kicking a football into the thousand-strong crowd.

He may be happy but no one else seems to be. Perhaps he will get a replacement but maybe his humble nature will win out.

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