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Cristiano Ronaldo Honored With New Bust That Puts The Original Bust To Shame

We still prefer the original., and Know Your Meme

Last March, football player Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with a bust at the recently renamed Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in Madeira. It looks nothing like him, but thankfully a new one was released recently that actually bears resemblance to the athlete.

After being unveiled, Ronaldo’s bust — which looks like Ronaldo, if he was a character in an Ambien nightmare — immediately gained popularity on the internet. As always, the internet took things a little too far.

Recently a new bust was released, probably as a response to the internet blowing up over the first one. Just so we’re clear on how badly this project needed to be redone, here’s what the two busts look like when compared side by side.

The new bust has received much more positive reviews from the public, than the original, since its release. It took about two weeks to make (so why they waited eight months to have a new one made I will never know) and will be put on display at the the Real Madrid Museum.

Some stories are too priceless to believe. The first time I heard about this story I didn’t believe it until I saw the picture. I then had to take about a day before writing this because I was laughing too hard. Let’s enjoy the old statue one more time before we continue.

This may be an overstatement, but if you ask me, this is the greatest piece of misrepresenting art since that painting of Jesus that a church in Spain had restored only to have it end up looking like a monkey.

They should have hired this guy, who turns his kid’s drawings into beautifully detailed anime characters, to redo the bust — and maybe the Jesus painting too.

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