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Conor McGregor Does Intense Workout For Floyd Mayweather Fight

And Mayweather’s work-out is even wackier!

And Mayweather's work-out is even wackier!

After months of hype, “The Money Fight” will finally happen on August 26. On one corner: Floyd Mayweather Jr., widely regarded as the current king of boxing. On the other corner: UFC and MMA champion Conor McGregor, facing the challenge of a lifetime. How can he hope to defeat a man who hasn’t been beaten once in 49 professional matches? In his words, by “launching new ways to train the body and mind every day.” This means a strict new training regimen.

McGregor’s F.A.S.T. Program

He and his team call it the McGregor F.A.S.T Extreme performance training plan. “It stands for Fighter Anaerobic System of Training,” says Julian Dalby, the nutritional scientist in charge. “It combines high-intensity aerobic training with continuous, endurance training.” That means rigorous exercises to boost not just his strength but his persistence to fight. That means 9000 calories across nine meals in one day. That means some sick Instagram pictures.

MMA fans know about McGregor’s methods of preparing for a match, but boxing fans and experts find them unconventional. Some even see them as silly and pointless, which sparked “Conor McGregor Challenge” parody videos. The fighter brushed them off. After all, that’s part of the Money Fight’s appeal: the idea that only someone unfamiliar with boxing can take down the sport’s best.

Mayweather’s Girl Collection Program

Meanwhile, Mayweather announced recently that he won’t train at all. In the week before the fight, he plans to party every night. Fans can meet him inside Girl Collection, the Las Vegas strip club he happens to own. He also declared that the club will host his victory party – as if his confidence in his own performance isn’t already clear.

McGregor is getting pumped while Mayweather is getting plastered. However, while the former is a scrappy representation of Michael, the latter is literally undefeated. Excitement only grows as the 26th closes in.

Here’s another article about the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight – specifically, McGregor’s monetary gain.

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