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The Brilliant Free-Skiing Video You HAVE To Watch!

Candide Thovex shows off his remarkable free-skiing skills in this breathtaking video!

A video of a free-skier taking on a multitude of terrains has gone viral and it’s obvious why!

The video which is a publicity stunt for Audi and Faction Skis shows the legendary skier Candide Thovex exploring all four corners of the world by what is most likely his favorite form of transport.

The 4 and a half minute clip has breathtaking views from all over the planet and the only sound effect is that of the skis drifting along each surface, no music is even needed as the natural sound of the skis is so mesmerizing.

And instead of skiing along the expected terrain of thick snow, what makes this video so impressive is the number of unexpected places that can be ventured on via skis.

Candide seamlessly glides along the sea, sand, stairs, the Great Wall of China, and even takes on the side of a volcano (luckily it didn’t take this moment to erupt- can you imagine!)

Check out the video for yourself below but be prepared, you will find yourself hypnotized by it!

This isn’t the only thrilling viral video of Candide Thovex, check out another impressive clip of him skiing here!

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