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An Update on Caitlin Clark

How is Caitlin Clark transitioning from college to pro? What is the media covering? What is Clark doing for women’s sports?

Credit: Youtube/ESPN

Since the finalization of the NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament, graduating seniors and 5th years have entered the draft and gone pro.

Leading up to the WNBA draft, everyone anticipated Caitlin Clark as the number one draft pick, and rightfully so. She was named as the number one draft pick to the Indiana Fever.

Many speculated on her transition to the professional league. Some said she would not be able to compete. However, she has made her way on the court and been given plenty of opportunity to shine.

Her team, the Indiana Fever, have only won themselves one game in the season so far, but Clark puts up an average of 17 points per game.

I want to observe how well Clark has transitioned onto the big stage, looking into her stats, notable moments from the regular season so far, and what this means for the WNBA as a whole. How has the coverage of women’s sports changed since the world has experienced “Caitlin Clark Fever”?


Looking into the current stats, Clark is matching her performance in the NCAA. She is the leader in points per game and assists per game. She has a total of 158 points (in only 9 games) and 59 assists. The season is still young, but she is shaping up to be one of the stars of the Indiana Fever.

Speaking of the Fever, the team performance does not match Clark’s. The team is 1-8 right now and second to last in the league. While most scores have been close, there was a blowout by Liberty with a score of 66-102. It is clear they are still in a “rebuilding” stage of development and Clark will not be the singular solution.

Noteworthy Moments

So far in Clark’s WNBA career, she has continued to be spotlighted as one of the best. Her preseason debut was especially notable as it was important for Clark to show the skeptics what she can do.

It is also worth it to mention her game against the LA Sparks. The Fever’s lone win was one of Clark’s most shining moments so far. Clark was able to pull off a Double-Double and almost hit a Triple-Double.

A Triple-Double is the achievement of a double-digit total in three of five statistical categories (assists, blocks, points, rebounds, and steals) over the course of a single game.

While there have been plenty of good moments, there have also been some that show it is only Clark’s rookie season. Unfortunately, big media outlets really hone in on these moments in efforts to humanize Clark. Seen here is one where Clark took a hard screen from Liberty’s Breanna Stewart.

While the media has a constant flow of praise for what Clark has done for women’s sports, they are quick to point out the negative too.

Heated Technical Foul

One negative in particular is this moment from the Fever’s loss to the Storm where Clark received a technical foul.

This followed a first half filled with physical play between the two players.

While this is all a part of the game, it is all any one can talk about post game. Multiple sources point out this moment rather than the game itself.

Effect on WNBA and Women’s Sports

This leads me into what Clark has done for the coverage of women’s sport specifically in the WNBA. Before figures like Clark entered the league, the WNBA was laughed at among sports fans. Arena tickets would go unsold and teams struggled to reach any kind of mainstream coverage.

While Clark is not singlehandedly changing women’s sports coverage, she can be seen as the leader in the call for change.

Today, women’s basketball can be seen at sports bars across the country. I’ve even seen TVs at the gym broadcasting games. The games are accessible and allow these players to showcase their raw talent and abilities. It took a while to get there, but women’s sports are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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I am a student-athlete from Tampa, Florida and I am currently working toward my Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with an emphasis in Marketing, looking to graduate in the Spring of 2025. After university, I hope to join the sport industry and specialize in Game Day Operations and Event Organization while continuing my love for sport by coaching soccer in my free time.

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