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ESPN Paid $85m to Air Aaron Rodgers ‘Creditless Conspiracy Theories’

Aaron Rodgers starred on the McAfee show expecting a wonderful reaction, but he bewildered viewers by spouting baseless conspiracy theories.

Aaron Rodgers rants on the McCafee show about his conspiracies.
Aaron Rodgers attends the McCafee show and continues to rant conspiracies. Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock

A massively ludicrous rant broke out on Pat McCafee’s show by Aaron Rodgers when he described his many “Conspiracy theories.”

The McAfee Show is a sports channel dedicated to discussing different sports-related topics. The ESPN Press Room recently proclaimed that viewers of the channel have exploded.

For December, the amount of viewers leaped from a slim 570,000 to a whopping 735,000. This increase of 29% demonstrated massive recognition for the McAfee show. However, the Rodger’s spectacle attracted even more interest.

Rodgers appeared on McAfee’s and claimed many theories that were against the objective of the show. As the disclaimer stated, members of the McAfee show are supposed to speak without profanity but instead with a censored version of speech only relating to sports.

Who is McAfee and Rodgers?

Both McAfee and Rodgers are famously known for their time in the NFL as star players. McAfee acquired two back-to-back MVPs for his time as a quarterback in both 2020 and 2021.

Rodgers was not such a bad player himself, as demonstrated by his four partaking as first-team all-player and four MVPs.

While it stands true that Rodgers and McAfee continue to be understood as overly qualified athletes, it also rings true that they have a notorious habit of speaking what weighs heavy on their minds.

What Did Rodgers’ Say?

Rodgers announced his beliefs relating to the COVID-19 vaccine virus. He explained that he believed the medical field was a“pharmaceutical-industrial complex.” He provided the talk show’s viewers with alternative methods to protect from COVID-19.

Profusely, Rodgers insulted an ESPN worker, Mike Foss. He also labeled the website as clickbait. McAfee described ESPN’s senior executive, Norby Williamson, as an “old hag” and “rat” in his recent rant on the McAfee show.

Rodgers made it clear that, in his perception, Norby Williamson was “Trying to sabotage” the platform.

Another individual whom Rodgers slandered was Jimmy Kimmel, but in all actuality, it was not anything new. Rodgers and Kimmel had a feud that dated back to when Rodgers was slandered on another talk show.

McAfee’s Reaction to Rodgers’ rant

While McAfee respected and valued Rodgers enough to warrant paying him over $80m, he found it rather difficult to debar him from his show. However, it proved evident that it was necessary to do so by Rodgers’s actions.

McAfee, in return for Rodgers’s rant-of-choice, attempted to change the matter of conversation. Still, he didn’t help with it much when he brought up Fauci’s situation, as it emitted even more ranting on Rodgers’ part.

McAfee, although opposed by many, refrained from ending Rodgers’ ranting. Rodgers continued ranting was the end result.

However, eventually, McAfee grew exhausted of Rodgers’ antics and precluded him from his show until the end of the season.

Reactions from others about the Rodgers scandal

While apparently, no one at ESPN could say, “Please stop,” it didn’t stop them from holding opinions. Bryan Curtis stated that, apparently, no one works for anyone in the streaming platform, so it makes sense that no one could tell Rodgers to stop.

The ESPN statement recalled the earlier statements that McAfee proclaimed in regard to Norby Williamson. The platform stated, “At the same time, we are thrilled with the multi-platform success that we have seen from The Pat McAfee Show across ESPN.”

One X individual, as the Guardian explains, stated, “This guy is fucking exhausting with his bs.” By this, it was apparent that Rodgers did not have too many members who agreed with him.

This and many of the other reactions caused a massive uproar with the platform, but McAfee was left with the decision to continue allowing Rodgers to continue being a guest or to dismiss him from the show.

While McAfee respected and appreciated Rodgers enough to pay him over $80m, it was too much to keep him on the show. McAfee decided to relieve Rodgers from the show.

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  1. TheOneLeft

    January 13, 2024 at 1:06 am

    Doesn’t surprise me. The NFL is rigged through and through. Winning team is the highest bitter. They spend millions to win. It’s been proven. National Fake League should be the new title. And the press room always stormes it up.

  2. MasterMind

    January 14, 2024 at 3:15 pm

    Looks like the first comment best me to it lol. Yeah NFL and most competitive sports are now pay to win. No more true sportsmanship.

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