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Shoplifter Executes Epic Beer Run

This guy does not mess around when it comes to beer.

Image Via: ABC13 Houston

“Hey we’re out of beer. Can you go get more?”

Remember always getting elected to go get more beer? (Or maybe you still do) The idea is to get as much beer as you can so you don’t have to go back again. Just a tip for you all you party-goers, make sure there is enough before before the party starts. Well, this guy really took the beer run to a whole ‘nother level.

I guess this guy really didn’t want to run out of beer because he grabbed five crates. Let that sink in. My noodle arms can barely grab one crate let alone five. So this guy was really serious about his beer run. Not only did he lift the five crates, but he walked out of the store with them. If he didn’t shoplift I would say that’s a pretty impressive feat (OK, I guess it is pretty impressive anyways). This guy clearly has beer lifting skills, but I don’t think the shop owner is as impressed as we are.

The guy got away with it (props for that? TBD…) so the police have posted his picture publicly to try to identify the shoplifter. If you’re local to the Murphy’s Express in Arlington, Texas, and this guy looks familiar, alert your local law enforcement. I’m sure they will be grateful for any tips to help locate this guy.

Also, apparently Ross from Friends was shoplifting beer in Blackpool? Check it out.

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