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Shop In Kuwait Was Caught Pressing Googly Eyes On Fish

Be careful when you’re shopping for fish!

Image Via: Dissolve

“Gee, that fish doesn’t look too good. I have an idea! Let’s stick some googly eyes on it and it will look like we just caught it today!”

WRONG. A shop in Kuwait thought this was a good idea. And it turns out, they actually got away with it for a short period of time. But then the wrath of the ministry of commerce came and shut it down. Not that I enjoy looking at dead fish anyways, but honestly who thought this would be convincing? I mean look at it!

Image Via: LAD Bible

According to LAD Bible, “one man offered this advice: ‘Never judge the freshness of fish by the googlines of their eyes.'” I would say that’s pretty good advice sir, thank you for your insight. I suppose I can see the humor in this story, but I also hope no one has gotten sick from buying fish with googly eyes glued to their face. This shop must have been pretty desperate to have been trying to sell not so good fish with a not so good solution. But it all worked out because they got caught in the end.

If you still like fish after reading this, check this out.

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