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‘Yes Theory’ Goes Inside Biosphere 2 to Learn More About Earth’s Replicated Environment

Biosphere 2 does offer a learning opportunity of a lifetime for all of us.

Ever want to know what it was like to visit Earth that has been replicated? Well, Biosphere 2 is for you! Scientists built Biosphere 2 to learn more about how our planet really functions. It has a complicated past but it is still important to learn from it if we want to save our planet. Maybe even one day build another on other planets so we can live on other planets and continue you our research.

The scientific research facility in Oracle, Arizona was built to bring all the environments of Earth inside to discover how our planet truly works. Scientists admitted that they didn’t really know everything about how our planet really functioned fully until this was built. Though it has a controversial past, scientists today still consider it to be a success. The University of Arizona has taken it over and is being used as a learning facility. Yes Theory, a company that travels around the world and seeks to expose the problems, travels to Biosphere 2 to learn more about it.

Their Experience is Truly Amazing

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Their experience is amazing! The lung of the entire place blew my mind. To see it contracting and expanding the way it did was so interesting. Biosphere 2 is closed to the public currently because of COVID-19 but hopes to re-open late summer to early fall. This is a place that we should all be looking to visit once in our lifetimes at least. It is a learning experience and would help all of us understand the challenges we are facing and will face if we do not take serious actions and reversals of what orange in chief has done. Come November, hopefully, change will prevail. Keep staying safe everyone and keep wearing your masks!

Featured Image: Oskay, Windell. Biosphere2-1. August 15, 2015. Retrieved via

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