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Ron DeSantis Attends Secret $3,300 NorCal Breakfast Event

In a recent development, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, made an appearance at an exclusive, high-priced breakfast event held in Northern California.

Ron DeSantis
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made an appearance in Sacramento, California, on Monday for a private breakfast event held at the Del Paso Country Club to raise funds for his GOP presidential campaign. The event, which charged $3,300 per person, was confirmed by local news outlet KCRA 3.

Initially, the location of the event was kept under wraps by DeSantis’ campaign, but Assemblyman Joe Patterson, who attended the fundraiser, revealed that it took place at the club. KCRA crews on site captured footage of DeSantis’ motorcade departing from the club’s back service entrance at around 10:20 a.m., while other reporters had been stationed at the front gate.

The fundraiser was hosted by real estate developer Steven Eggert and his wife, Pamela, according to a flyer promoting the “roundtable breakfast” event. Despite DeSantis’ visit to California, a recent Berkeley IGS poll indicates that he is trailing behind former President Donald Trump in the Republican primary in the state. The poll shows that 44% of likely Republican voters in California would choose Trump, while only 26% would support DeSantis.

DeSantis’ stop in Sacramento marks his first visit to California since he and his administration in Florida admitted to transporting 36 migrants from the southern border in Texas and dropping them off unannounced in Sacramento. California Attorney General Rob Bonta has stated that the state’s Department of Justice is investigating whether criminal or civil action can be taken against DeSantis, his administration, and the private contractors involved in transporting the migrants across state lines.

Sources informed KCRA 3 that DeSantis was scheduled to attend another fundraiser in Coalinga, located in Fresno County, later in the day. The event was set to begin at noon, and DeSantis was expected to spend the entire day in California. Coincidentally, President Joe Biden also arrived in the Bay Area on the same day for a series of fundraising events.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ visit to Sacramento for a fundraising event coincided with President Joe Biden’s arrival in the Bay Area for his own set of fundraisers. The parallel visits underscored the political significance of California as a key battleground for potential presidential candidates.

While DeSantis aimed to boost his campaign and secure support from Republican donors in the state, his visit was overshadowed by the ongoing controversy surrounding the transport of migrants from Texas to Sacramento by his administration in Florida. California Attorney General Rob Bonta has expressed concerns and is exploring possible legal actions against DeSantis, his administration, and the private contractors involved in the transportation.

Despite the challenges and scrutiny, DeSantis remains a prominent figure in the Republican Party and a potential contender for the 2024 presidential race. However, the Berkeley IGS poll revealing his trailing position behind former President Trump among likely Republican voters in California highlights the uphill battle he faces in winning over the state’s GOP electorate.

Following the Sacramento event, DeSantis headed to Coalinga in Fresno County for another fundraiser scheduled to begin at noon. His presence in California throughout the day demonstrated his commitment to reaching out to voters and potential supporters in the state.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s presence in the Bay Area underscored California’s importance as a fundraising hub for Democratic candidates. The events hosted by Biden aimed to bolster financial support for the Democratic Party and its initiatives.

The overlapping visits of DeSantis and Biden highlighted the political dynamics at play in California, with both parties actively engaging with the state’s electorate and seeking to solidify their positions ahead of future elections. The events served as a reminder of California’s influential role in shaping the national political landscape and the significance it holds in the aspirations of presidential hopefuls.

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