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Protesters Ready To Show Trump Exactly How They Feel About Him

The UK is waiting.

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If Donald Trump plans on springing a surprise visit on the United Kingdom, protesters will be more than ready. A formal state visit planned for the summer was early postponed due to the fear of mass protests. However, it is said that Teresa May’s on standby for Trump to visit Downing Street this month.

The Stop Trump coalition has tweeted that they are ready to protest this visit anytime, goading Trump to “bring it on.”

It restores a bit of faith that in a Opinium/Observer poll a week before the Presidential election only 12% of UK adults said they would have voted for Trump. In the same poll 16% of those surveyed said that Trump would be a friend to the UK if he was voted president, but 53% said that the government should seek to improve relations with other countries if Trump wins.

Almost 600,000 members of the British Public have signed a petition to ban Trump from the UK.

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When it comes to protests, Brits know how to get the message across. The 1983 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament brought the capital to a standstill with 200,000 protesters, 130,00 more than the authorities estimated.

If you need some concrete reasons behind this particular protest check out what we’ve said about Trump.

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