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Professional Parkour Team Invite Strangers to World-Wide Bounty Hunt

With a cash prize to the lucky winner…

As the world continues to slowly collapse in on itself, people are finding creative ways to engage with each other. A professional parkour team has launched a bounty mission against themselves. Yes, really.

Here’s the gist. The team, made up of seven, will be traveling up and down the country moving through cities, towns, forest, you name it. If you manage to find them you win £10,000.

There are rules though, of course. If you do find them you must take a video of all seven of the parkour team and say the words, ”Storror Blackout Bounty’. Granted they have named themselves the STORROR team.

You can hunt by yourself or recruit up to five mates to hunt with you. I read over the terms and conditions and it seems pretty straight forward. It’s open to people worldwide, you must be 18+ or have an adult with you, and employees of the promoter and their family cannot join.
Video via Storror’s Instagram

To get started you must follow their account, @STORROR, then post a picture on your account with the hashtag #STORRORblackoutbounty. The official competition began October 12th and will fun for ten days or until the team is found. It is noted that when taking the video you have to be safely distanced. To be exact, within a 20 metre radius and no closer than two (2) metres.

You can read these restrictions for yourself going to their website here. It may be fun to run around and try to make £10,000, but it seems a lot more difficult than the STORROR team lets on. Maybe? Anyways have a go at it! We all deserve some fun in our lives these days.

While we’re on the subject of people being super extra, Sony recently sold a Walkman in a water bottle to make a point that it’s water proof. Marketing really is getting competitive these days.

Image via Storror’s Instagram

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