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Wearing a Mask to An Anti-mask Protest Defeats the Object, Doesn’t It?

An anti-government protest in London set out contradictory messages when planning to wear themed masks.

Credit: cromaconceptovisual/ Pixabay

What was the protest?

So, there was an anti-government rally in central London on the 5th November. Because it landed on Guy Fawkes night, they decided to wear masks to make them look like the infamous Mr Fawkes. Fair enough, right? Well, it suddenly became rather ironic when many of the people marching were against lockdown, and therefore against masks.  of

Who organised it?

Organised by groups who are against the new obligatory lockdown measures, StandUpX, Earth United and Event 202, voiced the contradiction. StandUpX’s spokesperson vocalised it on an encrypted messaging app: ‘I thought we were against mask wearing?’ He wrote. Us too. 

How they tried to combat the contradiction

But some people seemed to have ideas for the types of masks they could wear that still show the anti-mask ideals of the march. Another user wrote on this messaging app: ‘my mask leaves no doubt that I am against mask wearing.’ Along this same theme, a full fancy dress get-up was suggested. This was to try and make sure their reasons for wearing a mask were purely to create this Fawkes-esque vibe. Bringing along a bayonet knife didn’t fill them with hope for not getting arrested, though. 

It seems, though, that arrests were not completely off the cards. As the police were out patrolling the streets, they had to control many people on the march who were getting out of hand. 

Either way, the protest certainly wasn’t a peaceful one. 

Check out other ways people have been breaking lockdown here. 

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