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VIDEO: Biden Campaign Bus Attacked By Crazed Trump Supporters

Biden’s bus harassed by Trump supporters.

@ericcervini / Twitter

There were some pretty scary scenes from republican backers over Halloween weekend.

Plenty of Twitter users spent the end of October showing off costumes and recommending spooky films. But with a presidential election around the corner, we always knew social media would broadcast its fair share of political controversy.

One tweet, in particular, went viral for all the wrong reasons – it showcased a gang of trump supporters chasing and trying to intimidate the Joe Biden campaign bus. Unfortunately, this is the kind of behaviour that many Americans blame Donald Trump for inciting.

Here’s the footage that shows mobsters surrounding the Biden bus.

Tearaway Texans

It’s been reported that this stunt was one of many that occurred last Friday as the Biden campaign moved through Texas in an attempt to gain support. Their efforts were met by a similarly sour reception, though, and at least one event was canceled due to the disturbance.

This was the video, shared by Dr Eric Cervini on Saturday, that caught the attention of Tweeters. It seems to aptly capture the hectic mood of the election race, with the footage displaying a “Trump Train” of several flagged vehicles circling the Biden bus while it’s speeding down the highway. One of the trucks even seems to sideswipe an SUV driving just behind the bus, pushing it over into the next lane.

It’s hard to uncover the exact details of what’s going on here – such as who these drivers actually are – from this video alone. What is clear, though, is that this mob of trucks is deliberately trying to unnerve those rooting for the bus, as well as the campaign that the vehicle represents.

It’s important to note that Biden was never in any real danger here. Even so, these threats are still worrying for the state of US democracy as a whole. The 2020 election remains as tight as it could be, with many suggesting that the final result could take days, or even longer than a week or two, as the final votes are counted.

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