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Trump Calls Thailand, “Thigh-Land” in Latest Rambling Speech

What has Trump said this time?

Credit: The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Arm-World? Chest-Kingdom? Nope, it’s Thigh-Land, of course.

In his speech at a Whirpool factory in Clyde, Ohio on Tuesday 4th August,  Donald Trump made a rather embarrassing geographical blunder. The primary reason for his visit was to celebrate Whirpool’s ‘109 year legacy of manufacturing excellence,’ not to mispronounce Southeast Asian countries. 

In his speech, Trump said:

“In 2017, Whirlpool won relief from the ITC. Once more, your foreign competitors move their factories to prevent a level playing field, and to avoid liability. Shifting production to Thigh-land… and to Vietnam. Thailand and Vietnam.

Whilst Trump seemed to quickly realise his mistake, swiftly correcting himself to pronounce Thailand the way it should be, this was already too late for him to really recover. The error was noted by the abundance of media at the event.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Trump has slipped up in his geographical pronunciation. In April 2016, he struggled to say the African country of Tanzania, or Tanzaynia as the President said.

The following year, speaking after tragic Las Vegas shootings, Trump offers his prayers for the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Except, as you’d probably now expect, he didn’t say it in the way legitimate Puerto Ricans would pronounce their homeland, at all. Trump instead says, ‘Poooooerto Rico.’ Obviously.

As well as mispronouncing Thailand, Trump addressed the wall that is being built between the Mexico and US border should be finished very soon. He also spoke of his dislike for globalisation and globalists, stating, “I’m not liking globalists too much, but they don’t like me too much either.”

To see some other rather unfortunate mishaps by Trump, check this out  

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