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A Pack Of Elephants Trample A Gang Of Poachers To Death!


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No one deserves to die, including elephants. When you think of poachers, you think of the poor animals that are killed in this case for their ivory. For a very long time now elephants have been under protection from poachers, who will stop at nothing to receive their money. Well, hopefully this incident will teach poachers a lesson.

There has been a ban on the worldwide trading of ivory, but elephants are still being hunted for their tusks. This inhumane act happens all over Africa and India. Although, in India the elephants are fighting back. Four poachers managed to break into a forest close to Thattekkad bird sanctuary. What happened next, none of them expected. The elephants did not see the poachers and trampled them. One of them was a 26-year-old named Tony, he was crushed to death. Also, according to park officials the loaded, unlicensed local gun, he was carrying accidentally went off and shot him in the thigh.


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Another, poacher was admitted to a private hospital in Aluva in serious condition, informed the park officials. Luckily the elephants are all okay. The healthy gang members, who managed to get out alive, aren’t getting away from police though. They will be taken to court for their involvement in the poaching industry under the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act. That’s what happens when you mess with nature.

Want to witness more elephants putting poachers to shame? Check out this baby elephant!

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