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Meme Of Photoshopped Gay Putin Banned in Russia

Quite a look.

Quite a look.

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Russia has recently banned a circulating, photoshopped picture of Vladamir Putin. The photo has been altered so that the Russian president appears to be wearing makeup and is perceived to be gay.

LGBT rights protesters began passing around the picture in response to Russia’s 2013 “gay propaganda” law. This law banned the dissemination of information dealing with LGBT rights. The photo has since taken the Internet by storm, and it can now be seen everywhere by everyone.

The Russian Justice Ministry just this week, however, has labeled the image “extremist material”. This ruling prohibits the picture from being circulated, displayed, or otherwise shared by any party in any way in the country.

The ruling was explained and accompanied by the statement that the picture “hints at the Russian president’s allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation”. Not surprisingly, the photo has been added to an index totaling over 4,000 images that are unlawful to distribute.

The same law also illegalized multiple other pictures posted on the social media account “Vkontakte” by defendant A. V. Tsvetkov. Tsvetkov also posted pictures portraying Putin as a Nazi. Sadly, the account has been taken down and is no longer accessible.

While the outlawed photo might not be viewable in Russia, the meme is accessible everywhere else. Continue to fight for and support those who deserve equal rights.

Click here to see Vladimir Putin being extremely creepy while fittingly singing Radiohead’s “Creep”.

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