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Man Found in Pub After Massive Rescue Search

Only in Wales.

Only in Wales.

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A man supposedly thought to be lost at sea caused his friends and relatives to be consumed with fear. After a huge rescue mission was launched at sea, it turns out he was just at the pub.

The idea of being lost at sea is terrifying to anybody. To think that one of your loved ones could go in this way is even more dreadful. One can only imagine the crippling anxiety felt by all those who were close to this man when they found out he was missing. The sea is a dark, mysterious and dangerous place. Unexpectedly, the worst was assumed.

The two-hour search in Wales started when the man disappeared after having been last seen near Porthmadog. Four coastguard and lifeboat teams as well as a helicopter crew participated in the rescue mission. Huge amounts of effort and energy was put into the search. However, he was then found at 8pm by the police, totally oblivious to the concern he had caused.

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Many of the locals witnessed the fuss and saw the helicopters flying back and fourth across the water. In the end, the outcome was probably about as least dramatic as it probably could have been. The man was uninjured and was found in the Ship Aground Pub. If I ever go missing, look in the pub, because you’d probably find me there too.

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