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Man Drops iPhone From Plane and It Survives

Filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto accidentally dropped his iPhone during his flight while trying to take pictures

Man Drops iPhone From Plane And It Survived
Credit: YouTube / CNN

Does your heart skip a beat every time you accidentally drop your phone from great heights? Filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto took that to a whole new level when he dropped his iPhone from a plane!

Galiotto is a Brazilian documentary maker who was flying over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro when he tried to take a picture from the window of his plane. Surprised by the strong wind, the phone was swept from his hand and fell down 300m. 

How the hell did this happen? Did he open the door of a plane? Is it even possible to open as much as a window while you’re flying? Well, yes, if you’re flying privately in a small plane. Galiotto opened the window and rather than holding onto his phone with both hands he took one hand off. 

That should have been it, right? Surely his phone would be dead and there’d be no point trying to look for it. Wrong! 

The next day, Galiotto managed to find his phone using GPS and it turned out the device was still completely working. Not only that, the phone recorded the fall, which only lasted about 15 seconds.

He was lucky, as the phone landed just about 200 meters away from the water. It must be due to the soft sand that only his screen and cover protector suffered minor damages. What a relief that must have been!

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