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Los Angeles is Running Out of Space to Bury The Dead

Not enough room in Los Angeles for the dead.

Photo by Joe Mabel

The city of Los Angeles has came to the chilling realization that there may not be enough room for the amount of people dying.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, people are dying a lot fasting than others can think of where to lay them to rest.

CNN reports, that even the local hospitals have ran out of room to store the bodies of deceased Covid-19 patients. Even the Los Angeles County Coroners Office is at a capacity of 500 bodies, which is twice as much as normal.

Coroner’s Office spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani told CNN, that in order to ease the some of the work from the morgues, the county has been storing bodies in refrigerated storage trailers. However, while there are only about 12 currently, the number of these storage trailers will double to about 24 along with six of cold-storage containers.

Image by TuendeBede from Pixabay

There are 22,000 residents that are currently hospitalized, 5,000 whom are in the ICU, and there are only about 1,094 beds left in the ICU for Los Angeles’ 40 million citizens. This shortage is expected to last at least for the next month.

Los Angeles may be looking a bit rough right now, but there is still hope that infection numbers are decreasing.

Positive-testing rates have dropped down to 13.4 percent from a not-entirely-different 14 percent. Spaces such as Disneyland in Orange County have turned into vaccination centers, or in the process of turning from testing sites like Dodger Stadium. 

Dodger Stadium is expected to issue about 12,000 vaccinations per day, according to officials.

Looking for more news on COVID-19? Check out how an anti masker hospitalized with Covid-19 is now warning others.

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