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List of Passengers That Visited Jeffery Epstein’s ‘Pedophile’ Island Released

Speculations arise of what guests took part in upon arrival…

Jeffery Epstein is known for a lot of things, being a teacher, a financial guru, and most notably– a pedophile.

Jeffery was an avid socialite that formed an elite circle centered around the abuse and trafficking of underaged girls. One of the most gruesome of Epstein’s crimes are those that were conducted on his private island– Little Saint James. I’ll give you a hint, the island is publicly nicknamed ‘Pedophile Island’ or ‘Orgy Island’

His helicopter and plane records to and from the island have been released to public domain this week. Obviously this immediately caused discomfort among the rich and famous whose names would appear on the lists.

The financier worth $559 million was involved and accused of raping, abusing, and trafficking girls as young as 14. All this started back in 2005 when a couple came forward saying Epstein has sexually assaulting their 14-year-old daughter.

Little Saint John via Flickr

Jeffery was found guilty and sentenced to jail back in 2019. Unfortunately his conviction was minimal in comparrison to his crimes, but that’s what money can do. The plot thickens more here once you look into his death a bit.

So, Epstein was sentenced to jail in July 2019. Almost exactly a month later he died while still in jail. The coroner stamped his death as a suicide, but speculation surrounding murder have never been cleared up.

The passenger records that are now available to the media are for sure going to cause strife. What Jeffery did was sickening. That’s all that needs to be said there. The fact that his last month of life was spent being hunted down in a jail cell helps I guess….

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Photo via the Department of Justice

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