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Journalist Calls Police After Target Employee Refuses To Sell Toothbrush for $0.01

Target employee internet shamed by journalist.

Mike Mozart /

David Leavitt, who describes himself as “an award-winning multimedia journalist” in his Twitter bio, thought it necessary to call the police earlier this month after a Target employee refused to sell him a toothbrush for $0.01.

Whilst shopping at Target, Leavitt stumbled across an Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries toothbrush with the price labelled as just $0.01, but was later informed by the store manager that this was just a display product and the actual price was in fact $89.99, not so much of a steal.

This did not go down well with Leavitt, who insisted that the pricing laws of Massachusetts stated that the original price tag must be honoured (I know what you’re thinking, I bet this guy is fun at parties).

Not only did Leavitt see this as a police matter, he also took to Twitter to internet shame the store manager that he had argued with:

Leavitt also explained on his Twitter that the police told him that he would need to take Target to court if he wished to see this dispute further, stating “now i have to take them to court”. 

The sob story Leavitt tried to create over on his twitter hasn’t quite worked out in his favour, with many people defending the Target employee. Someone has even created a Go Fund Me page titled “send #TargetTori on vacation”:

This isn’t the first time David Leavitt has been called out for his behaviour on social media, he also made some rather disgusting tweets after the Manchester Arena terror attack in 2017, which @kamilumin tweeted in the comments, as if this guy could get any worse…

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