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Hundreds Of Sheep Fall To Their Deaths After Being Spooked By A Bear

Nature at its finest.

Nature at its finest.

Once upon a time, on the border of France and Spain, there were two-hundred sheep living happily on a farm.  One day, they were hanging out and doing whatever it is that sheep do. It was a a normal day until, suddenly, a bear scared the living shit out of them and they all decided to say “screw it” and leap off of a cliff. The end.

In all seriousness, these sheep were actually chased off of the cliff. They obviously didn’t decide to leap off of the ledge, but it’s still pretty crazy. It’s pretty disappointing for all parties involved, too. I mean the bear, the sheep, and the farmers all lost. The bear lost a meal, the farmers lost a source of revenue, and the sheep lost their lives. Apparently the government is reimbursing the farmers for the lost sheep though.

It’s probably quicker and less painful to jump off of a cliff, so I don’t blame these sheep for opting out that way instead of being mauled by a bear. I’d jump if I saw a mamma bear stampeding towards me, too. So, I guess the moral of the story would be to always keep your sheep out of bear territory. That way your day isn’t ruined by seeing your herd plummeting off of a mountain.

RIP sheep. You will not be forgotten.

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